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Short viral film depicting the future of big data visualized by a unique technology.

Written and Directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull
Produced by Jan-Kees Buenen
Executive Producers: NVIDIA and SYNERSCOPE BV

Actor: Wes Nike
Voice of EVE: Noeleen Comiskey
Director of Photography - Geof Wolfenden
Lighting and Camera assist: Colin Emerson
VFX & Editor: Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull
Post Production Supervisor: John Sellings
Music / score library provided by: Luke Neumann
Model Maker: Oliver Hipwell (Howling Hands)
Grip / On set Support: Chris “goose” Gilham
Studio Location: Ice Tank

Synercope data-vis Captures: Niels Willems
Marketing and PR: Rik Buenen

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Fubar Redux now on Film Annex VOD platform

You can now watch Fubar Redux on Film Annex, a video on demand platform that allows the film makers to get some revenue from the number of views and clicks it gets. So go on and have a another watch of this epic cat-astic action film.

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A brand new poster for the second short film from the Director of Fubar Redux has been released today. Check it out with a release date on there too!

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Project Kronos has now wrapped up post production and the film is now complete. A massive thank you to the awesome cast and crew, without them this film would not have been possible.

The film was originally scheduled to be released April 22nd, but this has now been pushed back 1 week due to a release date clash with another sci-fi film being released on April 22nd by the same executive producers of Project Kronos.

Stay tuned for the release date coming up very soon and thank you for your awesome support so far, I cant wait for you all to see the film.

In the meantime here are some exclusive screen shots from the finished film.

If you havent seen the trailer which was released a few months back, then check it out here:

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Fubar Redux
Behind the Scenes: Fubar Redux 

This is the making of “Fubar Redux” how the animation, visual effects and motion comic visual style was created entirely inside The Foundry’s Nuke X Compositing Software utilising its 3D compositing environment to the fullest to create each of the scene’s sandbox environment.

Combining Still Photography visual effects only inside of Nuke, no other rendering was done outside of Nuke, this was part of the challenge in order to get Foundry to sponsor the film by providing me with Nuke Licenses and support to make this film. Other tools which were provided as sponsor and used extensively in Nuke was Frisluft’s - Lenscare plugin for the Depth of Field and lens effect look throughout the film’s digital cinematography.

Fubar Redux” is an Epic Short Film portraying the atrocities of an on-going political war for territories. Told in an alternate reality with Cats and Dogs mixing exciting action with tense drama driven by a unique animation visual style.

A full animation of “Fubar Redux” is available to watch for free at

Fubar Redux” (2011) screenplay written Hasraf Dulull and Geof Wolfenden, directed by Hasraf Dulull, and starred Apollo Abraham, jeremy Domingo and Dean S. Jagger.

Fubar is an epic story of an on-going political war told in an alternate reality with cat and dogs. permalink

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The Fubar Redux Postcards arrived today.

Getting ready for some good old fashion PR and Marketing with these postcards at events, film festivals and sending to as many production companies as possible.